The aim of the Presentation Family Centre is to provide encouragement and support for guests in a relaxed and enriching environment.

We are guided by the following beliefs:

  • Family – We value family relationships, encourage inclusiveness and respect and we welcome and celebrate difference.
  • Partnerships – We aim to foster and develop our relationships with colleagues, associates, supporters and service providers.
  • Environment – We respect our ‘place’ and care for both ourselves and the earth around us.
  • Respite – We aim to provide quality facilities and support services to families and individuals in challenging circumstances.

We are guided by the following strategic priorities:

  • Our Future – To move towards a secure and viable future for Presentation Family Centre
  • Our People – To continue to foster professional development within a contemporary caring environment
  • Our Community Commitment – To willingly implement innovative programs, establish broad networks of support and involve the wider community in decisions we make.
  • Our Clients – To provide clients with quality recreation in order to attain a renewed energy
  • Our Relationships – To actively build partnerships and associations
  • Our Sustainability – To expand our services to ensure financial sustainability