Fund Raising – Clonard College 6 for 60 Campaign

Clonard College is organising a ‘6 for 60 Campaign’ to celebrate the school’s 60 year anniversary. Clonard is a school that aims to develop compassionate and empathetic  young women. The students hope to raise $6460 to contribute towards the purchase of an ‘all abilities swing’ for the Presentation Family Centre. Funds will be raised by students challenging themselves with activities they enjoy and feel passionate about. They will ask for sponsorship to complete the challenges they set themselves. The campaign is being undertaken during Term 2 and Term 3, allowing the girls time to reach their goal in a multiple of six, in keeping with the theme of 60 years. For example, a student may decide to try shooting 60 goals at netball over a season. The campaign can also be completed in teams, for example the Year 12 cohort has challenged themselves to walk six thousand laps of the large grass area in the school grounds. For more information there is a Facebook page called ‘Clonard College 6 for 60’.

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